May 21, 2010

Straight Out of Left Field

Here is an item I saw on eBay years ago. It looks like the image of the Thing was printed on the baseball, and Jack signed it. I'd love to know the story behind it. Great expression on the Thing's face, perfect for a character on the front of a baseball about to get whacked for a home run.
I almost bought this when it was up for sale -- I wish I had now -- but I was afraid I'd probably end up throwing it around and wear off Jack's signature. This is a wonderful example of how Marvel would go on to merchandise every object imaginable with a print of a Kirby character on it.

Thanks to Kirby Museum Director, Rand Hoppe for providing some additional information on the Kirby autographed baseball. According to the 2003 eBay listing, the original owner of the piece aquired it through a friend who was a Kirby art collector, directly from Jack.