May 16, 2010

Jack's One Man Army Corp

This is the double splash (pgs. 2 - 3) from Omac # 8 (1975). This was Jack's last issue writing, illustrating, and editing the series because he decided to return to Marvel Comics.This is a spectacular image, inked masterfully by Mike Royer. The main character is frozen and there is no action taking place, but Jack's machinery keeps your eye moving all over the image.

I zoomed in to highlight some of the details.

No one drew more distinctive human anatomy in comics than Kirby, and no one trying to mimic his style has ever come close to matching his unique and innovative approach towards making the human figure appear charged with surreal electromagnetic energy -- it's as if the characters have lightning bolts made of flowing black mercury coursing through their veins -- empowering Jack's heroes with a transcendental cosmic explosiveness, even when standing still.