May 14, 2010

Trigger Gap

Since one of the goals of this website is to focus on the diversity of genres Jack explored in his career, seems to me it's time high time for a western. Here's a story from Rawhide Kid # 19 (1960), inks by Dick Ayers. Great splash page with lots of archetypal hard-nosed cowpokes and con men in attendance, the Kid just trying to mind his own business -- something that never seems to work when you're a gunfighter and you mosey into a saloon.
Page 4, panel 5. The Kid showing his brand of good ol' fashioned western chivalry.
Page 6, panel 3. Great image of the Kid. Nothing like cleaning your horse to get you dreaming of a young lady.
Page 8. splash. The Kid on horseback. I wonder if Kirby needed photo reference for something like the horse. I suspect he had so much practice at this point in his career (20 years in comics) he was able to draw anything on the spot -- the goal being speed, since he had to draw at least 3 entire pages a day to stay aflooat.
Page 10, panel 3. The Kid to the rescue. Guess coming in through the door wouldn't have been as melodramatic.
Page 12, panel 3. The Kid doesn't want to expose the love-of-his-life to his dangerous desparado lifestyle, so he pretends to be a crook.
Page 13, panel 6 - 7. The fate of every western hero in a continuing series -- riding off on into the sunset alone.