May 23, 2010

Man (and Horse) vs. Monster

Genres collide in this strange combination western/monster story from Two Gun Kid # 58, pg. 15 (Feb. 1961), Dick Ayers inks. Here is a scan of the original art and close-ups of panels 3 - 5. Despite facing what appears to be a charging dragon, the Kid and his horse Cyclone look like they're out on the trail for a regular afternoon of cowpokin'.

Nine months after the publication of this book, in November of 1961, Jack would do another story combining familiar genres in an unconventional fashion, this time a monster/super hero tale resulting in the beginning of the so-called "Marvel Age of Comics" -- Fantastic Four # 1.

Here is a slabbed CGC copy of FF # 1 in fairly poor condition for sale right now on eBay at $2,300.00.