May 9, 2010

Six Million Year Man

Looking through my old Kirby scans, I'm coming across a lot of material I never took a close look at before. I've never seen this issue of Black Panther.

Black Panther #2 (1977). Explosive splash page.

Love the brass frog. From page 5, panel 3. Apparently this little critter is a time machine.

Great landscape crackling with energy on page 8. This is Kirby "Ectoplasm," as the Panther calls it, "material of the mind."
SKRAK! Page 8, panel 3.
I always got the feeling in Jack's 1970s Marvel work that he was wanting to break out of the confines of the terrestrial sphere and get his characters out into the cosmos. It's a shame Jack couldn't have worked on a monthly Silver Surfer book where every issue Jack would have had an excuse to explore new, unimaginable vistas in the far reaches of the galaxy. But even with relatively down-to-earth characters like Black Panther, Jack still figured out a way to go "cosmic," and paint the stories with a kind of living energy that crackles, sparkles, and crawls around Kirby skyscapes like a swirling cosmic serpent.