Aug 2, 2010

Green Lantern

Last month a lot of people were talking about the new Green Lantern movie (the release date is scheduled as June 17, 2011 in the USA). Apparently some fans weren't pleased with the skin-tight, painted-on costume. The negative buzz generated by the silly debate about the uniform probably helped the flick get some publicity.

Now that DC has unsaturated the market with Superman and Batman movies, cartoons, video games, toys, etc., I guess they're trying to make some money off of their B-list properties like Green Lantern. I suppose movies like Green Arrow and Krypto the Supedog can't be far behind. I suppose if the Green Lantern movie gets fantastic reviews I'll check it out when it eventually hits video on-demand, but I for one have been bored by this explosion in superhero films for awhile. Here's a rare example of Jack working on the character from the Super Powers mini-series. Inks by Greg Theakston.

Super Powers # 1, pg. 14

Super Powers # 3, pg. 23