Aug 6, 2010

FF # 90 Splash

Here's a scan from the original artwork of page 1 from Fantastic Four # 90 (Sep 1967). A strange piece, all of the characters (except the Torch) are looking downwards, and there is no action -- you'd think Jack would use this entire page as an excuse to do something explosive, instead of having the characters all sitting around shoegazing.

I love Sinnott's inks on this piece. Wonderfully detailed linework on all the characters. Jack and Joe could make four people doing nothing still work as a piece of artwork.

Note the fine linework on Sue's hair. Sinnott was a marksman with a pen and a brush.

Notice how messy the published splash is. The colors, especially on Sue Storm, obscure Sinnott's detailed linework. The image looks smudgy, for lack of a better word. The red of the title jumps out at you and the characters seem to disappear into the green background. A great example of how the original artwork gives you a different perspective on the actual illustration.