Aug 15, 2010

Arnim Zola

Marvelously bizarre double-splash by Jack from Captain America # 209 pgs. 2 - 3 (May 1977), artwork by Kirby/Royer. Below is a scan of the original artwork. I remember seeing this as a 9-year-old kid back in the 1970s and just being totally befuddled by it. The image had to have been the weirdest thing by far I'd ever seen in a comic book. Quite frankly, I thought Jack must be crazy or maybe partaking of some consciousness expanding drugs. My brother bought this comic book, and I hated it, but twenty years later I think this is a masterpiece.

It's fairly simple storytelling. Jack starts at the left and shows us the damsel in distress. The voluptuous Donna Maria.

Then we have Captain America, protecting her. Notice the creepy vine-like had in front of his face.

Arnim Zola: certainly one of Jack's more strange creations.

But if you thought Arnim Zola was wacky, check out Doughboy, a gigantic blobular sidekick.

Just flat out wild stuff from Jack in the late 1970s. Even though I didn't like it as a kid, it undoubtedly emblazoned itself upon my unconsciousness, and now I find a double splash like this spectacular.