Jul 21, 2010

The Maid

Some have argued that Kirby couldn't draw beautiful women, but here are two examples provided by a member of the Kirby-l Discussion forum, Pat Ford, that show Jack certainly was well aware of how to illustrate female anatomy. These are scans of the pencils from two pages of unpublished artwork originally supposed to appear in DC's True Divorce Cases # 1 (1971). Maybe the material was a little to edgy and racy for DC and that is one of the reasons it was rejected.

It's pretty obvious looking at this work that in the early 70s Jack was hoping to explore more contemporary, cutting-edge themes but apparently DC Editor Carmine Infantino didn't feel the material would be successful. A shame because it would have been wonderful to see Jack drift out of the realm of fantasy and superheroes into other genres where he could tackle more stories involving regular people.

Compare and contrast this work with an example of Jack's more conservative 1950s romance work.
Splash from "The Girl Who Tempted Me," art by Kirby with inks by Simon. The story originally appeared in Young Romance # 17 (Jan 1950) and has been reprinted in Real Love edited by Richard Howell (1988), and The Complete Jack Kirby Volume # 5 edited by Greg Theakston (2005).