Jul 6, 2010

Cap Costumes

Segueing from yesterday's theme of Captain America t-shirts, here are some folks who took it a little farther. Years ago, I remember driving past Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida at about 8:00 am, and I saw a guy dressed in Captain America garb running full speed through the parking lot. I figure the guy worked at Islands of Adventure and was probably late for work, but it made me smile to think how many times Jack drew the character sprinting after a bad guy, and here was a similar scene in real life.

Here are some more Cap costumes. My favorites are the one of the little kid at the top of the post, and the last kid who looks more like a pint-sized terrorist (although the second to last photo deserves honorable mention). The final panel of Cap screaming would be my reaction if I saw one of these people walking down the street any other time of year besides Halloween.