Jul 18, 2010

Kala: Queen of the Netherworld

There are very few stories where Don Heck inked Jack's pencils, but here is a nice example from Tales of Suspense #43 (July 1963). Heck does solid work on the figure of Kala and the intricate details of the cityscape in the background. It always amazes me how many interesting characters Kirby worked on over the decades. Kala seems to have as much untapped potential as any of them, if Disney/Marvel ever chooses to explore the character more deeply.

Notice Jack's original Iron Man costume is sporting the antennae on the head and the thick treads on the boots. Heck was the artist who went on to streamline the character -- giving him the less bulky red and yellow costume made so famous by the recent Iron Man films. Thanks to comics writer/artist Henry Kujawa for providing the scan.