Jun 4, 2010

Sky Masters 1/6/59

Thanks to Josue Menjivar from Vancouver, British Columbia for sending in this scan of a great Kirby/Wood Sky Masters and the Space Force daily from 01/06/59. Josue had a chance to meet Jack several times and this Sky Masters daily hangs over Josue's drawing table for inspiration.
Note the white-out at the top of the page -- probably Wally Wood testing out the consistency of the "liquid paint" before he used it on the actual image.
Back before word processors, "Wite-Out" correction fluid was mainly used to obscure typos when people worked with manual typewriters, but comics artists frequently used the substance (which can be very thick, flaky, and messy at times, as you can see above) to correct mistakes on the artboard, or to achieve certain effects, like the stars I mentioned in yesterday's post.

Here's a close-up of panel one. Wood was a master at inking tiny details.
Here's an excellent example of Wood using Zip-A-Tone to give the rocket a three dimensional, metallic quality.

This panel is signed by Jack on the bottom. Notice "Blynken" has been whited-out and changed (probably an incorrect spelling). You can also see Wood used some white-out on the left side of Masters' and Riot's face to perfect the shadows.
Thanks again to Josue for sending in this beautiful scan.