Jun 20, 2010

I've Got to Stop Them Alone

A scan of the original artwork to Captain America # 197 (May 1976). You can see the glue from the pasted-on logo really beginning to bleed through. Classic comic book cover dialogue: Captain America has his hand raised to his face to magnify his voice and he's screaming "I've found an army of underground killers -- and I've got to stop them alone!" I guess since Cap is alone, he's thinking out loud.

I think this has been pointed out before, probably in one of John Morrow's Jack Kirby Collector magazines or somewhere else online, but check out where all those bullets are flying. Ouch!

Looking at that .25 ¢ price tag in the top left-hand corner brings back a lot of memories. I started buying comics at the local 7-11 right before they raised the price to .30 ¢ and remember fondly the few times I was able to buy 4 comics for a buck off the spinner rack. I see a typical comic book now is about $ 3.99, so if I wanted to buy 4 comics it would set me back $16.00.