Apr 6, 2010

What If Kirby?

Here are a few more examples of Kirby from What If? # 11 (1978). There are so many good ones to choose from, but I don't want to violate Marvel's copyright and incur the wrath of their lawyers, so I'll limit myself to 5 examples. If you are a fan of Kirby and 60s Marvel comics, definitely pick up a used copy of this book on eBay. Jack wrote it and illustrated it with inks by Royer and Bill Wray. It's a fun, visually stunning romp through the mythos of the Bullpen and Jack's Fantastic Four. Technically this is also the last time Jack draws a full book featuring his Fantastic Four characters, and at 34 pages this one packs a wallop.

Lee and Kirby at work. Page 14, panel 5.

Kirby blasted by cosmic rays. Page 16, panel 7. "Yeeow!!"

Kirby uses his shoe to smash the dangerous device. Page 17, panel 5.

Kirby becomes the Thing. Page 15, panel 4.

Jack transforms back into his old human self. Page 27, panels 3 - 5.